What We Do

We support organizations in achieving their mission by maximizing the human potential across their workforce.

We design workplace learning strategies that enhance leadership and employee engagement at every level within your organization. This translates into in the achievement of business goals, whether it be increased profits, customer loyalty, and/or social contributions to your community.

If you have made the commitment to create a culture where your managers and employees can grow, take risks, and embrace innovation, but you do not have the internal expertise and resources to take on this immense initiative, we can help!

How We Will Work With You

We do not subscribe to the traditional model of consulting...parachute in and jet out! This approach to consulting is focused on providing you with a short term win that will not be sustainable in the long run. We partner with our clients and take the time to develop an appreciation for your business and people. 

At Sinogap Solutions, we utilize a process called The Bridge, which results in improved capacity for solving problems and guiding future growth of your company. We are committed and invested in developing sustainable solutions with you that will strengthen your existing systems and processes and bridge you to your ideal state. 

To learn more about The Bridge, book a Discovery Session with us today!

Discovery Session

Book a complimentary 60-minute Discovery Session with us today!

In order for us to develop an appreciation for your organization, we would love a chance to spend some time with you to...

  • learn more about your business;
  • explore your opportunities and challenges;
  • draw a clear line of sight between your investment (cost of the solution) to your return on investment (impact to your organization).

We will then create a proposal that will demonstrate our commitment to your company. All of our proposals include flexible options that will fit perfectly into your operational needs, budget, and expectations.

Who We Work With

We work with three target audiences: Emerging Leaders, Formal Leaders, and Organizations.

Emerging Leaders

You want to acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead yourself and others in an empowering way. The key to unlocking your potential and discovering your true purpose is by developing your emotional intelligence.

Formal Leaders

Balancing the needs of your team with the needs of your organization can be challenging at times. We are here to support you and your team through constant change and challenges. We will empower you and your team with the confidence and skills to succeed in today's shifting landscape.


You have established systems and processes and provide technical skill training, but you need support in maximizing the human potential across your workforce.


Alberta Municipal Supervisors Association

Christine Heggart

Dr. Pagonis and her team provided an Emotional Intelligence in Leadership keynote and a follow up 5 hour workshop to AMSA members in order to dig deeper into Safety in Leadership from a psychosocial perspective. The keynote and workshop were valuable for both the new and seasoned leaders amongst the group. Thank you.

Alberta School Boards Association

Dr. Pagonis and her team played an essential role in developing and delivering our stakeholder engagement sessions, which included collecting, analyzing, and reporting on all the data. The scope of our project evolved to include additional deliverables and deadlines, and Dr. Pagonis’ team didn’t waiver. They were committed to meet the increasing demands of the project through their ability to be nimble, positive, and consistent in the delivery of their work. Dr. Pagonis’ team consistently demonstrated the highest standard of trust, confidentiality, agility, and professionalism.


Lindsay Richmond

Johanna is a trusted consultant and facilitator who takes the time to uncover client pain points and create a tailored solution. Working with Johanna, it is apparent she is a client-focused professional who works hard to adapt to unique needs and deliver on project outcomes. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a robust learning solution.

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General

Dr. Lisa Cooke

Johanna was able to connect to the staff she was interviewing, never questioning their opinion or thoughts. She was also skilled at integrating research into a practical application so easily!

Bigfoot Crane Company

Jen Mutas

Johanna's keynote presentation at the Women in Safety Conference was extremely informative and she held my full attention from start to finish. She had lots of insight into new strategies to follow. I can't thank her enough.

Beyond Safety Compliance

Tanya Hewitt

It was a fantastic presentation. Thank you so much for the content, sharing your stories, and inviting the participants to do the same. I am sure everyone left learning something!

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