Create an Engaged and Capable Workforce

Did you know that workplaces filled with engaged and happy employees average:

  • 3x the revenue growth.
  • 50% less employee turnover.
  • 3x greater performance in the stock market compared to competitors.
  • About $4,675 of revenue increase per employee when employee engagement scores are improved by one standard deviation.

Your organization’s health is linked to how you integrate the head (strategy), the hands (technical skills), and the heart (employee engagement). Healthy organizations understand that strategy and skills are only a part of the success formula. Inspiring and motivating people to be committed and engaged in their work is the one value in the equation that most often gets neglected. Without the heart, your organization will struggle in achieving its full potential.

Thankfully, you have made the commitment to create a culture where your managers and employees can grow, take risks and embrace innovation, but you do not have the internal expertise and resources to take on this immense initiative. Therefore, you are seeking to partner with an expert who understands your business and is committed to your success!

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The Bridge | White Glove Service

Bridging you from your current state to your ideal state

Organizations need to address issues such as high turnover, customer complaints, and safety infractions head on, but do not always have the expertise to find solutions to these wicked problems. 

At Sinogap Solutions we implement a four-stage white glove service that results in improved capacity for solving problems and guiding future growth of your company.

What makes it a white glove service, you ask? We do not offer pre-designed solutions, since each company we work with has a unique workplace culture, systems, and processes. 

Therefore, we approach our work as an opportunity to develop a collaborative working relationship with you. This allows us to build an appreciation for your strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

At Sinogap Solutions, we offer our clients a holistic approach to increased organizational performance. Our professional services are based on the latest research in the field of management, organizational behaviour, psychology, and change management sciences.

Scroll down to learn more about each stage in The Bridge.


We spend time getting to know and develop an appreciation for your organization by exploring your current state and the ideal state you want to achieve. We analyze existing strengths and challenges in your organization that can be leveraged to help you achieve your ideal state.
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We leverage your organization’s existing structures and processes to design solutions that will result in employees with improved capacity for solving problems and guiding future growth of the company. Employees participate throughout the process to ensure early adoption and implementation of the solution.
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We partner with you to implement the solution so that new behaviours and practices are embedded and reinforced. Some of the solutions we have delivered include customized mentoring programs, recruitment and onboarding strategies, and succession management processes.
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Capability and capacity to sustain change across the organization is assessed by tracking the organization’s progress and documenting the impact changes have on the organization, using the latest research in organizational behaviour and change management sciences.
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