Transform managers and employees into confident and capable leaders that achieve excellence and are a source of strategic value in the organization.


We work closely with emerging leaders, formal leaders, and organizations to unlock their full potential by designing workplace learning strategies that maximize the human potential. Our goal is to enhance leadership and employee engagement at every level within your organizationto create a committed workforce.


Our values form the foundational principles that guide the way we work together as a team and with our clients.

  • We have the courage to be innovative and challenge the process.
  • We develop trusting relationships with everyone we work with.
  • We provide a consistent approach in how we work to ensure a high level of excellence in everything we do.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Johanna Pagonis


Dr. Johanna Pagonis is an international speaker and author of the book, Choose to Be a Leader Others Would Want to Follow. Johanna has 20 years’ experience in various leadership positions, ranging from frontline supervisor to executive director. Johanna’s mission is to give organizations the tools they need to create workplace cultures where people feel safe, supported, and able to engage in activity that promotes trust building and innovation.

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