Ignite the Leader in You

Increasing women’s representation in management has been slow, with women making up only 1 in 4 managers. Women being active in the workforce has the potential of contributing billions of dollars to the Canadian GDP. 

We developed Woman Up! to support women in becoming confident and capable leaders who achieve excellence for themselves, others, and their organization. 

Our goal through Woman Up! Ignite the Leader in You is to change the odds for women working in male-dominated industries by equipping women with skills and strategies to lead self and others in an empowering way and educating male allies about what they can do to increase gender parity within their organizations.

As a participant in Woman Up! Ignite the Leader in You, you will uncover your core purpose for being a leader through activities that will help you develop self-awareness of what your strengths and areas of growth are. You will graduate from the eight-session program with a suite of leadership tools that will help you in becoming your vision of an authentic leader. 

We think our program is great

But don't take our word for it...

Build a network of supportive peers

Joan MacMillan | Director Cammac Learning Evolution Inc.

I just completed the Woman Up! Ignite the Leader in You Program. Exceptionally valuable, not just for the learning and engagement provided, but also for those who are looking to build a network of supportive peers who are navigating similar waters! Johanna is incredibly knowledgeable and creates an ideal environment and space for personal growth and development!

Absolutely affirming and empowering!

Kellie Morgan | A/Superintendent Edmonton Police Service

This course has been extremely beneficial for me given my current work life and the many challenges I am faced with, completely and absolutely affirming and empowering for me. In fact I don't think I could have possibly taken the course at a better time for my own resilience, my mental fortitude and my overall emotional well-being, and I thank you for all of that!

Johanna is dedicated to her students

Abigail DiMartino | Owner Abby Marie Beauty Salon

This program has helped me start up my new business and become a leader for my employee’s. I catch myself referring back to some of the lessons almost 6 months later. I get compliments day to day from clients and my fellow coworkers of how proud they are of me and my leadership skills. This course really leaves an imprint in your mind and you will see yourself continuing to grow and develop those leadership skills you need to be the best version of yourself.

Stronger advocate for myself and fellow females in the workplace

Leila Andrews | Training Manager at ALERT

I had the privilege of being in the first cohort of the Woman Up! Program. This program exceeded my expectations in every way – the quality of the content, the authenticity of the instruction and the peer connections were more than I had imagined. During the program I saw myself grow, move out of my comfort zone and take steps to better understand my authentic leadership style and associated goals for my career. Since the program, I have found myself more confident in my job and a stronger advocate for myself and fellow females in the workplace. I strongly recommend this program to any woman, whether you are in a position of formal or informal leadership. The personal and professional growth as a result is outstanding!

I don't feel so alone anymore

Previous Participant

I now have the support needed to continue moving ahead in challenging times as I lead up and out. It was a truly incredible experience. I'm sad the program is over!

The importance of including male allies

Previous Participant

Having men participate can provide them with an opportunity to learn how they can be more inclusive and can open up great discussions with supportive male counterparts in the room.

More than a training program

Previous Participant

Woman Up! is so much more than a training program. It is a community and will be pivotal in working towards gender equality in the workplace

Advocate for myself

Previous Participant

This program helped my confidence so that I can better articulate my value and advocate for what I bring to the team.

Why Invest in Woman Up?

We conducted an evaluation to assess the impact of the Woman Up! program. Through the evaluation we discovered that the program was truly meaningful and empowering for its participants. We encourage you to download our infographic that provides evidence regarding the ROI for participants and organizations who make the intentional choice to invest in women.


  • What is included in the program?

    You will get access to a workbook that will guide your learning through the entire program. You will complete self-assessments and 360° surveys to assess your strengths and areas of growth regarding your leadership and communication skills. In addition, your instructors will provide guided support as you apply your new skills. Each participant will also receive Dr. Pagonis' e-book, Choose to be a Leader Others Would Follow: How to Lead with Heart and Purpose.

  • What makes this program different from other leadership workshops?

    Our method provides opportunities for you to move between the program and your workplace, to work collaboratively on assignments with other women, and use the program as an opportunity to reflect on your everyday workplace practices. This method is vastly different than what most individuals receive through training, which is why most people forget 90% of what they have learned. You will also become part of a community in which similarly positioned women can discuss their feedback, compare notes, and emotionally support one another’s learning.

  • Program Outcomes

    You will discover your unique purpose for leading others and you will uncover the competencies required in developing your own authentic leadership style. Most importantly, you will develop a resilient mindset and communication skills to lead yourself and others through any circumstance life throws at you. By the end of this course, you will develop into a leader who engages, empowers, and inspires others in developing an inner sense of well-being and resilience.

  • Who is the lead instructor?

    Dr. Johanna Pagonis will be guiding you through the program. She has over 20 years' progressive experience as a formal leader, working in male dominated industries. Dr. Pagonis is a master instructional designer and facilitator. She is also an author, host of a business management podcast, and an international speaker.

  • Are you offering a discount if I register early?

    We encourage you to take advantage of our early bird discount. Enrol prior to November 30, 2022 to receive a 10% discount. Use code Womanup10.

  • How can I register as an organization?

    If you are interested in registering a group from your organization, please contact us at info@sinogapsolutions.com to discuss pricing.

Program Resources

Participants will gain access to course modules and materials through an online learning platform.

  • Learner Assessments

    You will complete two self-assessments and two 360° assessments that will uncover your strengths and blind spots as a leader and your communication skills. As you progress through the program you will create a learning and development plan that will help you achieve your ideal vision of an authentic leader.

  • Written Materials

    You will receive Dr. Johanna Pagonis’ e-book, Choose to be a Leader Others Would Want to Follow: How to Lead with Heart and Purpose, along with two workbooks that will guide your learning through the online modules.

  • Community of Empowerment

    The women in the program are professionals and experts in their own industries and can be a great resource to use along your learning journey. This program was designed to support you in applying you new skills with the support of your success circle.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A Walkthrough of the Thinkific Learning Management System

    • Vision and Outcomes

    • Meet Your Facilitators

    • How to Navigate Through Your Online Courses

    • Program Structure

    • Pre-Engagement

  • 2

    Individual Coaching Session

    • Getting Ready for Your Coaching Session

  • 3

    Program Orientation

    • Orientation Workshop #1

    • Orientation Workshop #1

  • 4

    The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

    • How to Navigate Through the Online Modules

    • Online Course #1

  • 5

    January Check-In

    • January Touch Base and Connect

  • 6

    Peer Coaching Circle #1

    • Getting Ready

    • Peer Coaching Circle #1 Live Session

  • 7

    Leading with Resiliency and Agility

    • Online Course #2

  • 8

    Peer Coaching Circle #2

    • Getting Ready

    • Peer Coaching Circle #2 Live Session

  • 9

    February Check-In

    • February Touch Base and Connect

  • 10

    Creating Brave Spaces

    • Online Course #3

  • 11

    Embracing Your Female Power

    • Getting Ready

    • Embracing My Female Power Workshop #2

  • 12

    My Success Circle

    • Getting Ready

    • My Success Circle Workshop #3

  • 13

    Peer Coaching Circle #3 | Invite a Male Ally

    • Getting Ready

    • Peer Coaching Circle #3 Live Session

  • 14

    March Check-In

    • March Touch Base and Connect

  • 15

    Individual Coaching Session

    • Getting Ready for Your Coaching Session

  • 16

    Next Steps...

    • End of Program Evaluation

    • Share your Feedback

    • Your Woman Up! Community