Leaders are Made Not Born

Some people believe that leadership is an innate ability - something that you either have or don’t. Leaders are not born with any special talent. They learn to become a leader the same way they learn other skills. The strongest leaders invest in their leadership development before they become a formal leader with an official title.


  • What is included in "The Authentic Leader" online course?

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  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    Developing leadership skills takes intentional effort and practice, which occurs over a period of time. That is why you will have full year access to the course. That means, you can revisit the course as many times as you need within a one year period. We have learned from our previous learners that after completing the course they felt more confident in seeking a promotion, which they were successful in achieving! As a result, they went back into the course to reassess and establish new leadership developmental goals based on their new position.

  • How is this course different than other leadership online courses?

    As mentioned above, developing leadership skills takes intentional effort and practice, which occurs over a period of time. Most online, self-paced courses consist of a series of videos, accompanied by PDFs and quizzes. These type of course formats are great in acquiring new knowledge, but do very little to influence and improve performance. Our courses are designed in a format that will allow you to engage in deep self-reflection and develop an action plan that will support active experimentation of your newly acquired skills.

  • What if need extra support to transfer the knowledge and skills I gained from the course back to my workplace?

    As part of each course, you will have access to a learning accompaniment, called a GAP Plan, which stands for Goal/Action/Proof. Throughout the course you will engage in self-reflection activities that will contribute to insights, knowledge, and areas of personal growth you would like to develop. The areas of personal growth you will identify can be used to create your GAP action plan, which will support the integration of your knowledge into your real life in the coming weeks and months ahead. In addition, we offer exclusive one-on-one coaching to our learners. Coaching is ideal for individuals who would like to develop deep growth and self-exploration to improve their performance. Individuals will work with a coach to develop strategies to tackle current challenges they are facing in their unique work context.

  • What if I would like to register multiple people at once?

    To facilitate the purchase process for you, please contact us at jpagonis@sinogapsolutions.com. We would be happy to take care of all the backend work (e.g. enrol your team members and prepare an invoice). That will also give us an opportunity to learn more about your team and share tips of how to maximize each team member's learning.

Course Reviews

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Provocative Questions

I have been a manager for 8 years and I wish I had a course like this earlier on in my career! This course gave me a chance to reflect on why I wanted to be a leader, bring awareness to my strengths and areas of growth, and challenge me to develop an action plan for my continued leadership development.

Growth Mindset

Something that really resonated with me was the “Growth Mindset” approach to developing leadership skills, as this is something I prescribe to in all areas of my life. I love to learn and it is something I always strive to do.

Leaders are Made Not Born!

I used to believe that leaders are born. I never saw myself as a leader, but after taking this course I now understand that I do have what it takes to lead others!

Course curriculum

    1. Mission and Outcomes

    2. How to use this course

    3. How to navigate from one module to the next

    1. Course Structure

    1. My Leadership Biases

    1. Am I Ready?

    2. Interpreting My Survey Results

    1. What Are Ideal Leadership Qualities?

    1. Developing My Leadership Abilities

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