Create a Culture of Commitment Across Your Workforce

When a safety management system is implemented successfully, the system can enhance your organization's capacity to identify hazards, mitigate risk, and prevent workplace injuries. But can you articulate what successful implementation looks like? Does success mean getting employees to comply? Or do we need to look beyond the narrow scope of compliance and look towards the horizon of commitment?

According to Gallup, managers are one of the main contributors of employee stress. While employee engagement has increased, 8 in 10 Canadians are either doing the bare minimum to get a paycheque, or actively working against their employer.

Moving Beyond Compliance has been designed to bring about improvements to the health and safety culture in your workplace and will give formal leaders the confidence, tools, and skills to create and reinforce a culture of commitment within their immediate teams and across their organization.

Two Years In The Making...One Revolutionary Course!

Designed to deepen your understanding of health, safety, due diligence, and the internal responsibility system.


  • What is included in the program?

    Our six-week program includes pre and post learner assessments, online modules, two live virtual workshops, and a workbook to guide participant learning through each stage of the program. The most unique part of this program is the instructor guided active experimentation that supports the application of new skills in the workplace. For more information, scroll down to access the program brochure and take a sneak peek at our curriculum.

  • What makes this program different from other leadership workshops?

    Our method provides opportunities for you to move between the program and your workplace, to work collaboratively on assignments with other participants and use the program as an opportunity to reflect on your everyday workplace practices. This method is vastly different than what most individuals receive through training, which is why most people forget 90% of what they have learned.

  • What is my return on investment?

    By equipping yourself with the tools and skills to create a committed workforce, it has the potential of decreasing sick leave absenteeism by 25%, decreasing workers' compensation by 40%, decreasing disability management by 24%, and increasing annual returns of over 60%.

  • Who are my instructors?

    This course is co-facilitated by Dr. Johanna Pagonis and Chris Spasoff from F2 Legal Counsel. Johanna is an international speaker and author of the book, Choose to Be a Leader Others Would Want to Follow. She has 20 years’ experience in various leadership positions from frontline supervisor to executive director. Johanna’s mission is to help individuals develop a clear vision of their authentic leadership style. Christopher is one of only a handful of lawyers with experience on both sides of the OH&S regulatory regime. As an advisor to both employers and workers on a variety of OH&S issues, Christopher is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience whenever possible.

  • How can I register as an organization?

    If you are interested in registering a group from your organization, please contact us at to discuss pricing.

Program Resources

On the program start date, participants will gain access to all course materials through our online learning platform.

  • Pre and Post Learner Assessment

    Participants will complete a self-evaluation prior to and near the end of the program to assess how they are progressing.

  • Participant Workbook

    Through the online learning platform, participants will access a workbook to guide their learning through each of the four-stages of learning.

  • Instructor Guided Application

    Post workshop, instructors will provide support to participants in implementing their action plan successfully over the course of 30 days. During this time, participants will reflect on and share their opportunities and challenges as they engage in active experimentation of their new skills.

Course curriculum

    1. A Message from Your Instructors

    2. Vision and Outcome

    3. How to Use this Course

    4. How to Navigate Through Thinkific's Online Learning Platform

    5. Program Structure

    6. Organizational Culture

    7. Leadership Pre-Self-Assessment

    1. Live 3-Hour Workshop

    1. Instructor Guided Application

    2. Week 1 | Employee Behaviours

    3. Week 2 | Leadership Behaviours

    4. Week 3 | Continuum of Commitment

    5. Week 4 | Organizational Factors

    6. Leadership Post Self-Assessment

    1. Live 2-Hour Workshop

    1. More Resources

    2. Program Survey

    3. Complete and Continue to Get Your Certificate

About this course

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