Create an Inclusive Environment that Embraces Diversity

Do you have a team of individuals who are working in silos and unable to resolve conflict without getting you involved? 

Team cohesion is important as it leads to greater company success, improved employee engagement, and motivation. No matter what the team dynamic, all team members must have a clear understanding of their individual role, the team goal, and trust that each person is contributing. 

This online workshop is very different than the majority of online courses that are designed to be taken as an individual. 

Developing Cohesive Teams online workshop has been designed to be completed as a team. In order to be successful in developing team cohesion, the whole team needs to participate in the learning experience.


  • What is included in "Developing Cohesive Teams" course?

    The goal of the online workshop is for your team to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness, which will enable the team to accurately assess their strengths and areas of growth. In addition, this course provides team members with the knowledge and skills that are needed to create an inclusive mindset. We discuss what diversity and inclusion are and how they contribute to the development of cohesive teams. You can scroll down to "Course Curriculum" to review the content.

  • How do we complete the course as a team?

    The course has been designed to be delivered in a blended format: self-paced learning blended with team learning. The course consists of three parts. Learn about each part below...

  • What does Part 1 include?

    Part 1 will be conducted by each individual on the team. During Part 1, individual team members will conduct a 360 assessment to identify their strengths and areas of growth. Part 1 must be completed before you conduct Part 2.

  • What does Part 2 include?

    Part 2 will be conducted as a team. The course has been designed so that you, as the team manager, can facilitate Part 2 on your own. For an extra fee, you can request someone from our team to facilitate Part 2 for you. During Part 2, you will develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and appreciation of each other's strengths and areas of growth, arm team members with the knowledge and skills required to create an inclusive team mindset, discover how to increase collaboration and creative problem-solving, and increase team members ability to effectively relate to one another. Strong teams start with the individual!

  • What does Part 3 include?

    Part 3 will be conducted by each individual on the team. During Part 3, individual team members will reflect on the concepts they learned and identify a goal(s) they would to like to work on that will help them continually strengthen the cohesiveness of their team. This will support their continued personal and professional growth.

  • How do we register for the course as a team?

    You will have to purchase one course for each member on your team. For example, if there are five people on your team, you will purchase five courses @ $197 each. To facilitate the purchase process for you, please contact us at [email protected]. We would be happy to take care of all the backend work (e.g. enrol your team members and prepare an invoice). That will also give us an opportunity to learn more about your team and share tips of how to maximize each team member's learning.

  • What if I manage multiple teams or a large team?

    If you manage large or multiple teams, please scroll down and click on "Book an Exploratory Consultation" to inquire about our special rates.

  • How long do we have to complete the course?

    Developing a cohesive team takes intentional effort and practice, which occurs over a period of time. That is why you will have full year access to the course. That means, you can revisit the course as many times as you need within a one-year period.

  • Can this course be used to onboard new team members?

    Absolutely! Using this course to onboard new team members who have joined your team but did not participate in the team course experience is a great idea. As a new team member, they will be able to discover their strengths and then share those strengths with their colleagues, who have already completed the course.

Want a Sneak Peek?

We understand that sometimes you need to go on a test drive before you commit. We encourage you to access the free preview to get a better sense of what you will learn in each part.

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Course curriculum

    1. Goal and Outcomes

    2. How to use this course

    3. How to navigate from one module to the next

    1. What Does a Cohesive Team Look Like?

    2. Workshop Structure

    1. My GAP Plan

    2. My Authentic Self

    3. My Superpowers

    1. My Team's Superpowers

    1. My Learning Journey

    1. Summary

    2. Make Your Learning Stick!

    3. Quiz

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