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Introducing our groundbreaking Leadership Program: Creating Brave Spaces Hybrid Program! 

Are you ready to become a brave leader who transforms the way you work? Our program is designed to empower both formal and informal leaders to show up authentically, embrace discomfort, and cultivate psychological safety within their teams. 

Here's what you'll gain: 

Authentic Leadership: 

Learn to lead with authenticity and integrity, inspiring trust and respect in your team.

Comfort in Discomfort: 

Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, fostering resilience and adaptability. 

Psychological Safety: 

Create an environment where team members feel safe to express themselves, take risks, and innovate.

Compassionate Conflict Resolution: 

Develop the skills to navigate conflicts with empathy and curiosity, fostering understanding and collaboration. 

Here is Why You Should Join Us

Our innovative program offers a blended learning approach designed to equip you with the skills and mindset needed to overcome challenges while fostering intrinsic motivation in yourself and others.

  • Blended Learning Approach: Our program combines the best of online and in-person learning to maximize your capability to meet workplace challenges head-on.

  • Coaching Circles: Experience the power of collaborative learning through coaching circles.

  • Peer-to-Peer Support: Tap into the collective wisdom and expertise of your fellow participants as you explore new ideas, and share experiences.

  • Reciprocal Learning Environment: In coaching circles, you'll have the opportunity to both give and receive coaching, fostering a culture of mutual learning and growth.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to develop the confidence and ability to be brave in the workplace, have difficult conversations, and manage through conflict. This course has been designed to give you the competencies and the mindset to lead yourself and others with courage. You do not have to possess a formal leadership title to lead others.

Join Us On This Transformative Journey

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What the Hybrid Program Includes

  • Asynchronous (Self-Paced) Online Course

    Dive deep into our comprehensive online course at your own pace. Explore key concepts, reflect on your own experiences, and lay the foundation for creating brave spaces in your workplace.

  • Synchronous Live Sessions

    Join our virtual orientation session and wrap-up in real-time for interactive discussions, peer support, and personalized guidance. Connect with fellow participants, share insights, and deepen your learning in a supportive environment.

  • Coaching Circles

    A coaching circle is a method of professional development that is facilitated through a coach and leverages the collective expertise of participants through structured coaching conversations, facilitating mutual growth and learning within a supportive group environment.

Learn more about what is in the online course!

Learn More About Our Coaching Circles

The Fishbowl Experience

To support the transfer of learning from the online course to the workplace, each participant will be assigned one of the modules from the online course. You will be required to bring a real-life case scenario that demonstrates how you have applied the concepts from your assigned module to your workplace. You will share your case scenario during one of the coaching circles with the coach, while your fellow participants observe. After the coaching session, fellow participants will share their insights, feedback and suggestions with the you. The goal is to create a supportive space for reflection, exploration, and learning.
Professionals meeting via Zoom


Great course on psychological safety

Lynn Varty, ADM Government of Alberta

I have just completed Creating Brave Spaces. It is exceptionally well done. It was a great refresher for me on many fronts and was enlightening in the psychological safety area. The video clips were very good.

Great course on communication

Previous participant

Helped me learn a different leadership style and there was lots of content on communication. I will use a lot of tools from this course.

Increasing my self-awareness

Online course participant

I do not take a lot of time to focus on myself and my own values. I am rather always concerned about other people. The course was a good reminder to focus on myself, as my emotions and values affect the way my conversations go with other people.

Managing Burnout

Previous participant

Within policing "work/life" balance is a "buzz" word that is often talked about but rarely understood by senior executives. I learned the importance of guardrails and strategies to better manage burnout and over exhaustion.

How to be a good leader

Previous Participant

I am new to leadership, taking this course provided skills and ideas on how to be a good leader, and to find my leadership style.


  • What makes the "Creating Brave Spaces Hybrid Program" different from other courses?

    This program includes a blend of self-paced online learning with real-time, virtually facilitated sessions, focusing on creating inclusive and open dialogues for personal and professional growth.

  • What do the modules in the online course focus on?

    We encourage you to watch the video above to learn more about the online course. The modules in the online course focus on the following: Self-Awareness | Connecting with Others | Responding to Challenges | Maintaining Brave Spaces.

  • How do the virtually facilitated sessions work, and what technology do I need to participate?

    All workshops will be delivered virtually through Thinkific’s online platform and Zoom videoconferencing. Each workshop and coaching circle will be facilitated as a highly interactive experience. Therefore, participants will require a microphone and a webcam to fully reap the benefits from the program.

  • Can I still benefit from the program if I miss a virtually facilitated session?

    Although attendance in each virtual session is highly recommended, each session will be recorded. Therefore, participants who have a scheduling conflict can catch up by watching the recording before attending the next session.

  • What is the expected time commitment for the program, including the online course and virtual sessions?

    The program starts on April 11, 2024 and ends on March 30, 2024. Virtual sessions will occur on the following days: April 11, April 18, May 2, May 7, May 16, May 23 and May 30. Each participant will be assigned to a cohort of 4-5 people. Your cohort will be assigned a specific time to meet, either at 10am or at 1pm MST. Please see below for the full syllabus that includes dates and times.



Lead Instructor Dr. Johanna Pagonis

Dr. Johanna Pagonis is the founder and CEO of Sinogap Solutions. She is an international speaker and host of the business management podcast, Tackle Tuesday. Dr. Pagonis is also the author of the book, Choose to Be a Leader Others Would Want to Follow. Her workplace experiences as a senior manager contributed to her attaining a PhD which focused on exploring how managers in law enforcement organizations can advance into emotionally intelligent leaders. The discoveries she made inspired her to quit her senior manager position with the Government of Alberta and launch her own business. Since the full-time establishment of Sinogap Solutions in 2020, Dr. Pagonis’ firm has worked with over 50 organizations to develop customized leadership programs that have successfully equipped supervisors and managers with the skills necessary to maximize the human potential within their teams.

Instructor Katie Allan, M.Ed

As Chief Operating Officer of Sinogap Solutions and co-host of the business management podcast, Tackle Tuesday. Katie has a Masters in Education (Adult, Community and Higher Education) through the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta. Her thesis research is examining the perception and experiences of new faculty members with mentorship in academia. Katie has worked in Student Services at the University of Alberta and McGill University for over a decade in various management positions. As Manager Student Services, Manager Residence Life & Education and Associate Director Residence Life she initiated an organizational restructuring process, managed a departmental SWOT analysis, and facilitated over 5 program audits under the Council of Advancement of Standards in Higher Education.

Course curriculum

    1. A Message from Your Facilitators

    2. A Walkthrough of the Thinkific Learning Management System

    3. Meet Your Facilitators

    4. Your Learning Journey

    5. Syllabus

    1. Orientation Session

    2. Workbook

    1. Creating Brave Spaces

    1. Coaching Circle #1

    2. Coaching Circle #2

    3. Coaching Circle #3

    4. Coaching Circle #4

    5. Coaching Circle #5

    1. Wrap-Up Session

    1. Resources

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